Who – What – Why – When -With LOVE!

We pride ourselves in caring the best of the best local good and strive to always be a part of the community in every way that is positive, and most of all DELICIOUS!

WHO: the farms, bakers, makers

That is WHY we carry:

WeatherTop Chickens – Weathertop Pork Sausage

Fields Edge Beef- steaks burger sausage

Riverstone – Greens, Veggies, and Produce

Goshen- Milk/cream Yogurt Buttermilk (as in BISCUITS)

Abundant Living Mushrooms

Fresh Farm Eggs – Duck Eggs TOO!

Gypsy Cheese Cakes – 6 kinds to choose from

Big Indian Bread – Bagels bread and more

Berry Best BAKED GOODS – including Blueberry Lemon BREAD is back!!!!

WHEN – Wed – Sunday 10 am- 5 pm

Tuesday by Request

With so very much love – it’s our motto and our mission