What’s For Dinner???

At the Soup Shop and Market – We pride ourselves in having most everything you need to “create” or “Heat and Eat” – a meal that is tasty , terrific, and above all healthy with local seasonal ingredients.

This week we would like to offer some ideas on meal prep with top notch supplies that we carry in the shop. Years of finding the best – farmers – bakers- makers and producers – All of your needs in one spot!

Sheet Pan Sausage Supper-FieldsEdge – We carry 10 varieties from Kielbasa, Cajun. Bratwurst – and more – makes a fabulous meal – add roasted veggies – tomatoes, squash, peppers, and the best grains EVVA – Wild Rice, Einkorn and Emmer! (Pre Cook Grain before adding to sheet pan!

Butternut Squash Bisque- My ultimate favorite – Just in From Riverstone Farm- you can roast in your oven and serve with a meal or grab one of our pre-made Soups – fresh in the Shop this week – Seasonal and Super Yummy on a cool night – Serve with a great Amrhrein White Wine! We love that place big time!!

Chicken Pot Pie – all time favorite – grab a prepared fresh one from out cooler or make your own – we have the chicken the sauce and for sure the best flour for your crust – the recipes are printed at the store – TAKE OR MAKE – it is all good! Limited -we only make 6 at a time!

JAM ON – best item to have on had for a special snack – on bread, crackers- as a marinate, and for sure as a topping on Cheese or roasted veggies! We have so many recipes you will find it hard to choose – but grab some good cheese and a jam on two and you are ready for a party – EVERY NITE – is a good nite for a special something with your meal ! Great on Pancakes too – Try the Pumpkin Butter!

Mark Your Calendar: Soup Shop is Teaching at The Bent Mountain Community Center – Oct 9th 6:00-pm-7:00 pm “SOUPS made SIMPLE” the class is free and you will sample 2 soups with Sourdough Bread and of course a few jams to make it FUN! – See you at the Class – casual and interesting!