Time to Spice it UP!!

What you did not know about The Soup Shop and Market and our amazing SPICES:
Elevate your meals with Flavor that is farm sourced, NON-GMO, and always organic!!
These are my favorite and ones you can use anytime all the time

*** Top 5 Must-Haves:

Royal Cinnamon: A spicy-sweet sensation from Vietnam, perfect for any dish.
Wild Mountain Cumin: Toasty and savory, our first and forever favorite.
Black Urfa Chili: Sun-cured for a raisin-y richness with a chocolate-y finish.
Za’atar: Traditional blend from Palestine, for that authentic Middle Eastern flair.
Robusta Black Peppercorn: The kitchen staple redefined, with notes of dried fruit and dark coffee.

Remember just a good bowl of cooked Grain, a nice pot of hot cereal, even a pot of beans can take on flavors that make a meal OH SO SPECIAL and Uber Tasty!!!

Come check out our New Spice Selection- We carry a full line of grit to grain to beans to beef-
everything you need to be creative on your own – Need support just send me a note and I will respond with some yummy ideas – just for you!!!