What goes on a Salad?

We say just about anything goes good with Greens

Eggs, Olives, Nuts, Cranberry, Meats, Cheese, Beans – Grains, roasted veggies
But what truly makes a GREAT salad is the Dressing:

We have 4 kinds (Susan Style) Herb Vinaigrette , Green Goddess, Balsamic Bliss, Maple Mustard, and Asian Ginger!!!!

Plus several New Varieties of Terrapin that will make a salad SPECIAL!

This week:
Heat and Eat Meals to go! New Creamy Corn Casserole with Ham and Cheese
New Soup – Creamy Asparagus- LOCAL and Lucious
New Spice – Chai Masala – OH MY!!!
New Cheese Cake – Cinnamon Roll