Tis the Season – BBQ Time !!!!

We just got in a huge selection of grass fed Beef From Fieldsedge Farm – The Best BEEF ever- we always get raving reviews for these steaks and it’s the perfect time to put one on the Grill – Some Steaks are limited -Also get a free sample of our new Sauces and Glazes- Make it a BBQ to Remember!!

New – Heat and Eat- Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas – 4 layers of Cheese Chicken and sauce- A favorite!

New Soup – French Onion – I only make this a few times a year – Find it in our Freezer

New Granola- Buffalo Ginger Granola – not to sweet not to tart, JUST RIGHT and perfect breakfast or taking on a hike!! Food of the Gods I call it – protein when you need it – NO SUGAR added! Just local Maple Syrup – we still carry the Original as well!

New Cake- Pineapple Upside Cake – get one for you and of course share one with a FRIEND- It is all about the love!

Please come take your picture in front of our NEW LOVE SIGN – check out the Native VA flower Beds – amazing what we have in our vast array or plants in the special place on earth!

LOVE TO YOU ALL – Eat Well to Be Well – See you in the SHOP – Love – Susan and John!