The Soup Shop News you Can USE!

What a fabulous TURN OUT for Earth Day – THANK you so to all you came to visit say hello and Join our LOCAL LOVE MISSION!!!

We are so grateful to be in the land of PLENTY and Beauty!

**Meetup Menu**
* Tuna Noodle Casserole w/ Hoop Cheddar(veg) – Feeds (2-3) $15.95*Limited

Please Email Your Orders to

FLOYD MEET UP: Atlantic Union Bank: Thursday April 28th – 2-3pm
COPPER HILL: SHOP will be OPEN Thursday April 28th (with Hot Soup, Sandwiches, and salads TOO!!

Tuesday–Friday 11-6 Sat- Sunday 11-4

Soups- 32 oz. (2-3 Servings)

Veg $14.95 Meat Soups- $15.95 Keto – $16.95
Creamy Wild Mushroom -Veg
*Carrot Lentil Dahl – yummy for the tummy! GF DF
Potato Leek w Herbs – Veg
*Savory Black Bean – Vegan GF DF
Cajun Blackeye Pea, Sausage and Potato- so SAVORY!
White Chicken Chili – All time FAV!
*Beans and Greens (heals all) – Vegan GF DF
*West African – Garbanzo Beans/Kale/Sweet Potato GF DF
*Sausage, Yellow Eye Pea, Potato Stew NEW!! GF DF
**Best Beef Stew- Thick Rich Hearty! GF DF
*Local Beef Mild Chili!!! Clover Hill Beef! GF DF

Spreads – Spread the LOVE!
10 oz. $5.95
Luscious Lemon Hummus
Sweet Pea Hummus
Sweet Beet- No Bean Hummus – Vegan
Spinach Basil Pesto w/ Parmesan $6.95

** Good News Granola** $10.95-10 Oz
Cosmic Cookies $3.95
Corn Bread $3.95 each

“The Soup Shop” 7360 Floyd Hwy N(221) Near Dollar General 727-902-0453