It’s getting HOT and we got a lot!

Pasta Salad – Creamy dill sauce with celery, olives, and bacon! Vegan Salad as well!

New SOUP – French Onion and Pork Stew both just for YOU!

Mini Meals for ONE – Love Quiche / Meat Loaf / Pulled Pork find the 1/2 size in our Coolers this week

Fresh Eggs Every Day – we get fresh farm eggs most every Day – They are almost to pretty to eat!

BIG INDIAN BREAD – check it out – we carry a TON of Adrienns BEST Bread EVVA!!!! Including the new 2 lb square loaves and minis as well! Italian Sourdough – Limited

Frittata Friday – Every Friday!!

  • Spinach and Carmella Cheese with herbs- Creamy Yummy and Loads of FLAVOR
  • Bacon, Greens, Potato, Creamy Dill Dressing!
  • Three Cheese – Asiago/Vermont Cheddar/Goat cheese – crazy good!
  • Grits, Chicken Sausage, Buttermilk, White Cheddar – Southern Style Supper

NEW – Every Sunday Home Made Biscuits and Jam – Limited – grab one while it is hot — free jam to go with!