Hello, Soup Shop Fans!!!

As a valued customer you deserve specifics about how I prepare items for the shop – Soup, Spreads, Salad Dressing, meals to go and so much more – all sourced from quality, locally grown, natural, simple ingredients!

Below is some of what I do and WHY! I care, and want to share why we are different! Have a question about ingredients? Please ask away! My mission is to support your interest and your health! This level of transparency is not always possible with grocery store goods, canned items and processed food in our current confusing food system, that often misrepresent. It can be challenging for us to trust what we are buying, and understand what it is to to create it, ship it, and preserve it. I do my best to Bring you the Best!

Together we can embrace change by embracing transparency and truth in labeling!

Here are my “How to do my Best to bring you the BEST!!!

  • Locally grown, organic and unprocessed : I use only quality produce, companies I trust and farms I know! I support those who strive to grow and sell – products with no chemicals, coloring or added ingredient.
  • No GMO or Sugar loaded products in out Kitchen- we use the best of the best and source from farms we know and communicate with on a regular basis. We work as a team and it so much fun.
  • Nothing goes into our Creations that is not of benefit to your body – spices, herbs, seasonings, produce, grain, meats, farm eggs- all are the best I can find – fresh and local and from great farmers, makers and bakers.
  • Cooked in Porcelain Crock Pots – low and slow is the best way to preserve nutrients. Cooking in porcelain is also an added benefit – no leaching of chemicals you do not need or want- It takes more time – yet it matters!

Prepared in small batches made with Care, love, quality – we are not a factory, we are not a production facility – we are real people making real food. It may tun out slightly different each time as produce changes in the season and sometimes – I may add more garlic or onion, or fresh herb – it is art -not a Corporate machine – our tiny commercial kitchen is one that we are very proud of. We work hard to keep it in tip top shape. Filled with great products, loads of energy and great music to work by!

My hope is that you will learn more, enjoy more and have the best products you can find when you buy local – support small and choose to buy what you feel is done with your health and our community in mind!

Thank you for caring and please share what you would like to know and see in the shop this coming season – we are here to serve!

Eat Well, Be Well, and Shop Local!