Temperatures are so up down and all the way around – lucky us the Famers, Dairy Farms, Bakers, and Makers keep us in a BOUNTY of great food here in Floyd County! Next Week we get to 27 degrees! YUP!

This week we will focus on Grain! The Good Stuff- Farro, Einkorn, Wild Rice, and Emmer Top the list – All at The Shop with Tips on use and Directions on how to make the most of these super nutritious GRAINS!

Know what kind of farro/einkorn/rice you have. When you buy your Grain, make sure you know what kind who grew it and how it is best prepared not all grains are alike!! Soak overnight and begin tasting grain for doneness after about 30 minutes of stove top cooking in a GOOD Crock POT! Seal in that moisture and all the vitamins that go with!

Batch cook and freeze. Having a stash of cooked grains on hand is a lifesaver when it comes to meal prepping lunch or whipping up a quick dinner. Cooked grain can keep in the fridge for 5-10 days! You can freeze it for even longer.

Dress right before serving. I love to toss my cooked grains with my herb vin or cilantro lime dressing, even pesto!

If you plan to dress yours, do it right before serving, as the flavor of dressed grains fades in the fridge.If you end up with leftovers, not to worry! Just give them an extra squeeze of lemon or lime and a sprinkle of salt and pepper before serving* For sure ask me – I have way too much scoop to put in one email – I LOVE GOOD GRAIN!

Heat and EAT – Meals to go are perfect when you don’t have the time for prep or would love to take a meal to a friend in need! This week: REAL Meatloaf, Mustard Honey Glazed Chicken, Black Bean Cheddar Burritos(Great to take to work for lunch and kid approved) MAC n CHEESE – Gluten Free

Belmont Nuts – Crisp Crunchy and SO yummy – add to your salad, your soup, or take on a trip – they are the best Nuts I can find and we have 4 new Flavors in the Shop- including Butter TOFFEE!!

I LIVE for Bread – Big Indian is in the HOUSE – we also have 4 new Sweet Breads: Carrot Ginger Pineapple, BlueBerry Lemon, Banana Nut, and Sweet Potato( in season NOW)