Dieting Doesn’t Work!

A healthy diet is not about restriction – it’s about inclusion. Anyone notice that dieting doesn’t seem to be a terribly effective route to losing excess weight? An industry does not grow into a 60 billion bonanza by permanently solving the problem it is designed to address. In fact it can often cause more issues and a false sense of stable good eating habits you actually enjoy!

If you’re going to count something, count colors not calories. We now know that a diverse diet with a good spectrum of colorful ingredients strengthens our gut microbiome and ensures a good range of vitamins.

Cooking for yourself goes beyond physical nourishment. It offers emotional nourishment too. Cooking is how I show love and appreciation to the people around me. It is a form of self-respect and empowerment because eating well is not just about upgrading your food choices. It’s about upgrading your life.

Yep. The stuff we eat and drink turns into us. Think about that. Every mineral, every fat, every fiber that we get from our meals is used by our bodies in some way to build or repair. Putting good stuff in means we increase our chances of living longer, fuller lives with rosier cheeks and tinglier toes.Now that just sounds a lot more fun than dieting!!! Ready for an adventure!!!

* As William Shakespeare almost once said, “Man/Woman who spends little time on health, will one day spend much time on illness.