Beans, Beans, Good for the Heart!


Let’s get one thing straight: The concept of a “superfood” is nonsense. It’s a marketing term conjured up to peddle exotic foods like açaí berries and expensive supplements, and promote specific diets that often to not take local, seasonal and variety into account. In reality, no specific food can single-handedly propel you to super health, but there is one food group that comes pretty darn close: Beans!!!

Chickpeas, beans, lentils, and peas, most all legumes my go to for goodness. Black Beans, Red, Navy, and Cannellini are staples in my home – always on the hunt for new and old varieties as well. The section in the grocery is the smallest space EVER- you have to look hard – and by the way they are relatively inexpensive – Score! Grab a bag of each and experiment!

First Lesson:

Soak beans overnight, rinse the next morning and add more water to cover – cook in a crock pot for efficient great flavor – after an hour or cooking – add meat (in smaller pieces at the start), veggies, broth, garlic, onions, anything you like – Greens will cook the fastest – so add those last- add salt seasonings, and herbs as you like – have fun enjoy – and be sure to cover cook more and them scoop and share some – freeze some as well – dinner for another day!

Beans have a terrific nutritional resumé, providing lots of protein and fiber, as well as various vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium, along with anti-carcinogenic phytochemicals. Not the magic Pill but pretty good for a long life shelf staple that can be kept dry for a long time – ready when you are! They also make great hummus, brownies, dips, all kinds of goodness! 

Not only are you doing your body a big favor but your pocket book and YOUR PLANET – yup – they are great for our soil and use need little water – Who knew, right? 

What is your favorite bean? Looking forward to hearing about your favorite bean and what you created that is good for you and good for the pocket book, and the planet~~